The importance of packaging design for your brand

The importance of packaging design for your brand

A great example in order to get a better sense of the importance of packaging design is an average grocery store that often has thousands of products scattered around its shelves. All of these products have been carefully designed to draw customers’ attention when choosing a product. Therefore, if the packaging does not add given value to a product and is not able to draw attention to its qualities, the chance of the consumer not making the purchase is much greater.

Despite what many people think, packaging design is not limited to elements such as colors, shapes and an attractive layout. These elements are really important but designing a product package goes far beyond that.

Product package is the main element of connection and communication between the consumer, the product and the brand. It is one of the main factors driving the sale of products. Therefore, it should be used to the full to convey brand positioning and product characteristics through colors, textures, shapes and other elements.

Getting to know the main attributes of packaging design

Among the most easily perceived attributes created by packaging design are: product protection, conservation and transportation, ease of use, comfort and safety. In addition, design adds value to products by efficiently tailoring them to the needs and expectations of consumers by defining them this way, adding to the positioning of the brand in the market.

Consumers are mainly influenced by very practical and objective factors such as package functionality, ease of opening and closing, ergonomics (eg in the way they are packed,) and use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

In addition to these attributes there are other emotional factors to be considered, such as personality, recognition, identification and especially brand enhancement. Many of these attributes are unconsciously captured by consumers.

Understand why packaging design works as media

Packaging is, in fact, a very important media, capable of communicating directly with the consumer at the exact time of purchase and convincing him to make the final decision to purchase the product. Well-kept packaging inspires confidence in the consumer and suggests the quality you will find in the product. Proper packaging design has the power to stimulate impulse buying and to build a lasting emotional relationship with the consumer.

For most products, packaging design is the most cost-effective, return-on-cost marketing tool. That is, it has the highest return-on-investment ROI. A packaging and brand identity system often lasts over three advertising campaigns and more than eight promotion cycles.

The launch of a new packaging also creates favorable conditions for campaigns, disclosure of other products and other actions of the company. To get more attention from consumers, both points-of-sale (POS) campaigns and new technology features such as digital marketing, QR codes and augmented reality can be used.

See how packaging design helps increases sales

Therefore, the importance of packaging design to attract consumers and increase sales is clear. A study by CNI (National Confederation of Industries) indicates that 75% of companies that invested in design recorded increases in sales and 41% also managed to reduce their costs.

Packaging design can also extend the life cycle of a product that has been on the market for some time and give it a new appeal redesigning a product package. Every product has a limited life cycle but packaging redesign helps extend this time. The best moment to redesign is just before your sales start to decline.