Creating a product package or Packaging Design?

Creating a product package or Packaging Design?

Design is an English word that is used in Portuguese due to the lack of a better word in our language. Until about 20 years ago the word drawing was used much more frequently, but the professionals of the area realized that the activity of Design involves more than a drawing. Design could be translated better as a project, due to the fact that a drawing is just a graphical representation. In a project we think of the current situation in a future situation, we create and test scenarios and analyze if there is anything new to propose.

The term creation is commonly used in advertising and has more to do with creativity. Of course, design like any project activity needs a lot of creativity, from creative professionals and it is not bad at all to talk about “Package creation” as a synonym of “Packaging Design”.

Now the word development also involves a much more comprehensive process beyond design and creativity. When talking about development we are also talking about all the situations of production and distribution that comes from the continuation of design. For example, in development we must also design the tooling that will conform the packaging as  molds or knives. The clichés and plates that will be used for printing having in mind all costs involved in this process.

“The structural development of new packaging is quite complex …”

Due to this, creating a product package is a much more complex task than design itself. In the cases of packages that require plastic parts, tooling projects (molds) are usually executed by specialized product designers in the area. When packaging is, for example, made from cut, folded and bonded sheets such as paper or flexible plastics, product designers even create the knife mold for cuts, it is very important that in this part of the process, the prepress professionals adapt the art to its correct result.

In conclusion, if what you need is the structural development of a new packaging it is important to have in mind that this process is quite complex. Where models and prototypes are needed to test  alternatives before sending technical drawings for actual production.

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