Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Branding comes from the word brand. Therefore Brand = Branding.

The term was first used in the mid-nineteenth century in the United States to identify the marks that farmers made on their herd so that if any cattle is stolen, it can be recognized and recovered.

Today the term branding is used to define the “brand management” of a business, be it a product, service or company name. It is a set of techniques that aims to build and strengthen a brand. What branding seeks is to increase business value by increasing the value of a brand.

Brand Attributes.

Brands have two types of attributes: the perceived physical ones: visual, sound, tactile, olfactory, etc. and attributes of meaning, which are mental representations, what the consumer imagines about the brand, what goes through the consumer’s mind when remembering a certain brand, also called brand positioning. Therefore, the goal of branding is to create a uniqueness for a brand, a differentiation that can be remembered and identified before competing brands.

In order to efficiently manage branding, it is necessary to use all possible means in a synergistic and harmonious way where there is contact between the consumer and the brand. Among design and communication strategies that include product design, packaging design, stationery, interior or room design and architecture, advertising, advertising, digital marketing, promotions, etc. This way a brand can become the most valuable asset of a company.

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