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O3 Agency Designs Data-Driven Packages That Deliver

When it comes to selling your product, packaging design is just as important as the product itself. Packaging tells consumers why your product and your brand are different. We understand the importance of branding and packaging for your business, that's why we use research-driven tools to create the perfect identity for your brand.

We begin each of our projects the same way: interviews with company management, analysis of competition, and trend research. We expertly create 3D mockups of our products so that we can evaluate and analyze the packagings before production. We optimize our selected design alternatives so that they perform as best they can for our clients.

We use top-notch technologies to develop, design, and create our packaging solutions. Our team of experts know how to optimize the design structure of our clients packaging. Our solutions communicate our client’s message through our expert graphic and structural design. Our process is data-driven, meaning that we will never disappoint – we have perfected our process so that we will always deliver.

We are proud to say that our science-driven packaging and branding techniques have landed us a title as one of the top packaging designers in the world by Clutch, a ratings and review platform. We have stayed ahead of our competition by always delivering results for our customers.

We have countless happy customers, but one of the most recent was a produce vendor, Sweet Grape, which sells tomatoes. We created a packaging design, advertising campaign, and visual identity for Sweet Grape.

We created a package in the shape of a grape bushel to create an identifiable visual for customers! We also created a campaign for sales and a training video for promoters.

O3 Agency Designs Data-Driven Packages That Deliver

We also recently worked with a wine producer, Esperanto, to help with label design. Our goal was to create a sleek, sophisticated, and minimalist label for highly demanding customers. We created a line of text that prints directly on the wine bottle that gives an inspiring message.

The color palette of the labels reflect the subtle hues of the wine itself, meaning there are a variety of colors to match the different kinds of wines. Esperanto’s top-shelf product additionally features textured paper on the bottle and a gold stamp to show the quality of the wine.

O3 Agency Designs Data-Driven Packages That Deliver

But we don’t only work in the food and drink industries – we have worked with sports brands, software companies, and beauty product brands!

You can view our full portfolio on our website.

In addition to being recognized by Clutch, we have been featured on one of its sister sites, The Manifest, a B2B buying guide, as among the top 10 web designers in Brazil!

You can also find us on Visual Objects, a visual case study site, which posted us under top branding agencies!