Beer Design labels

Budken Beer Can Design Switzerland

Located in Zurich, Switzerland, Budken’s mission is to make pure malt craft lagers accessible to everyone. The company focuses on brewing tasty, quality beers. Keeping the drinking experience simple to understand and easy to enjoy for everyone.

The challenge of the project was to position the identity of the Budken line of beers as craft products, but with an industrial look and feel as valued by the local Swiss market. At the same time, being labeled with adhesive labels, the graphic solution required the label design to have a lot of transparent space to integrate the metallic silver background of the can with the image on the labels. Therefore, transparent labels printed and applied with the highest quality were used to minimize the difference the application could have with direct printing on the can.

The creation of beer can design labels requires, among other things, knowledge of the product, the labeling process, the consumer market and the printing technology, as well as adapting to trends and concepts of composition and aesthetics.

Beer Design labels
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