Design de embalagem para Mezcal

Bottle Design for Mezcal Señorío

One of the main producers of mezcal, a distilled beverage with protected designation of origin, Casa Armando Guillermo Prieto SA de CV from Oaxaca, commissioned Branding Agency O3 Design and DLaCruz Design the project of the new bottle of its main product: Señorío Mezcal. Señorío is a premium mezcal in its category. Produced from the agave sprat, this drink has three varieties: white, young and reposado (rested).

Señorio Mezcal is a premium drink that has a unique elaboration process consisting of having a traditional baking on river stones, cooking the pines at a special temperature together with certified woods and finally, the perfect mixture of two distillations that highlights its flavors.

The target audience of the product is composed of men, professionals and executives, middle and upper middle class between 35 and 55 years. The challenges of the project were to create a profile of luxury and at the same time rustic inspired by the spirit of the “Neo-Mexicanism” culture. At the same time transmit stability and impact through the shape to obtain identification with the audience. With this objective, the bottle was designed with a wide and thick base in relation to the height, which together with the round shoulders provided a friendly and elegant format. Sculpted elements associated with the agave were created on the neck of the bottle. The logo was also embossed on the glass.

Looking for a shape that has greater personality and impact, both on shelves and counters, O3 Design arrived at this striking solution that is aesthetically minimalistic and chic combining with the premium Señorío Mezcal.

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