design de embalagem para produtos de limpeza

Cleaning products packaging design for FORTA PREMIUM

Wait. Just how does one package cleaning products with creativity and functionality?

We started analyzing several important aspects, such as target profile, competitors display in points of sale, and details related to packaging. From the results of these studies, we created cleaning products packaging designs for Forta Premium. The line is created by blisters for floorcloths, rubber gloves and microfiber cloths. The adopted layout is clean , with a clear appearance, in contrast with the excess of elements and information of some competing brands. The silver color background adds value and conveys a sense of quality for the products. With a clean design, it was possible to highlight the brand and enhance the playful icon – a nice green frog.

We also created the product catalog. This content serves as supporting material for sales representatives. It shows the products in a beautiful and organized manner.

Finally, the cleaning products packaging design for Forta gave the company a higher emphasis on points of sale. The visibility, legibility and attraction power of the brand were maximized with the new layout creating boosts in sales.

design de embalagem para produtos de limpeza
design de embalagem para panos de limpeza
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