Imagem corporativa TRIAXIS CAPITAL - marca

Corporate identity design for a financial consultancy enterprise

The brand, as well as its concept, is the means in which a company will be recalled by its clients. It adds value to products and services and embodies trust. This creates the positioning. That is, the differentiation in the consumer’s mind. The identification with the brand leads consumers to choose particular products or services in detriment of the brand’s competitors.

In Triaxis case, the design process started with the analysis of information provided by the client relating to their business scope.  We studied the values to be transmitted, the company’s business model, its goals and competitors.

The brand image should transmit values such as credibility, integrity, relationship, results, strength, persistence, and strategy. The company has three main partners, located in three different cities. Keeping this in mind, we designed a triple axis as the defining element for the selected name: Triaxis Capital.

The corporate identity design for financial consultancy Triaxis Capital was a process in which we used mental maps, semantic panels and brainstorming sessions.

Various names were suggested until finally arriving upon the name of “Triaxis.” The logotype formed by three arrows allows multiple interpretations such as a helmet, a cube, a safe, etc. Corporate identity design for service enterprises needs to accurately transform intangible values into images that will stand out in the client’s mind.

Imagem corporativa TRIAXIS CAPITAL - marca
Imagem corporativa TRIAXIS CAPITAL - cartão de visita
Imagem corporativa TRIAXIS CAPITAL - papelaria
Imagem corporativa TRIAXIS CAPITAL - uniforme
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