Design de embalagem para Fertilizantes ADUBASSO

Fertilizer packaging design for ADUBASSO

Fertile ideas, growing results.

Our client produces fertilizers for different uses and applications. We were hired to create the entire brand design, from the name right down to the logo-type and packaging. Naturally, we started with the name. It should be self-explanatory, while also able to maximize the product’s power. Through a name creation process or naming, we got to Adubasso. In Portuguese, the suffix “asso” or “aço” means greatness and of a sort of superlative quality. A good name should be short, easy to remember and pronounce, and without  negative connotations.

With the name defined, we created a logotype and packaging line design for the fertilizers. They would be sold in 25kg packages for small rural producers and 1kg boxes for domestic use. We proceeded while being aware of the relevance of the chosen colors, white conveys clarity, green reminds plants and orange warms things up. The results went well beyond the attractive and best-selling aesthetic.

We created a fertilizer packaging design for ADUBASSO that allowed for product protection, easy stacking and handling and adequate display in points of sale. Another important point of the layout is the text formatting. Clear and consistent, the information disposition enables good readability while optimizing the consumer/brand relationship.


Fertilizers packaging design
Design de embalagem para Fertilizantes ADUBASSO
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