criação de embalagem para pão de queijo

Frozen cheese puffs package design for Catarininho

Brasilian cheese puffs (Pães de Queijo) are traditional and popular savory snacks original from Minas Gerais state.

Catarininho Pães de Queijo Especiais is a company located in Santa Catarina,  operating since 2006 in the production of traditional and stuffed cheese puffs. They brought together the art from Minas Gerais and the dilligence from Santa Catarina and using 100% natural ingredients created a successful product among consumers as well as in sales.

Our challenge in this cheese puffs package design was to show the products quality and make them stand out from competitors.

The product line is comprised of plain and stuffed cheese puffs . The fillings are: sausage, bacon, provolone cheese, palm heart, chocolate, guava paste and dulce de leche, among others.

For each flavour we produced a corresponding image that stimulates consuming desire. Photo production was an important resource to obtain mouth watering images.

The images were displayed on a white background that conveys a sense of cleanliness and lightness. These qualities can also be related to the appearence and consistency of the cheese puffs.

The sausage stuffed cheese puffs package for example shows sausage slices artfully displayed. Each flavor is identified by a graphic detail in a different color.

criação de embalagem para pão de queijo
criação de embalagem para pão de queijo
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