design de Embalagens para alimentos congelados

Frozen food package design for Chef do Oriente

Chef do Oriente is a fast-food chain that produces oriental culinary frozen food.

The line is composed of three products, each one with its own history. Falafel is a typical Middle East fried pea ball. Samosa is an Indian-fried specialty consisting of a triangular pastry case filled with potatoes, meat, vegetables and herbs. And the last product is Chinese Spring Rolls.

We created refined packages with an “appetite appeal”. Photographic production was of great importance to show the products to consumers attractively.

It is worth noticing that frozen food package design should go beyond graphic design (layout). Structural design (forms and functions) also needs to be carefully studied. That is why the boxes were made with special laminated cardboard. They are printed in offset and have spot UV varnish details. Inside the boxes, food is packed in unprinted flexible bags, being well protected and preserved.

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