Caixas para moluscos FAZENDA MARINHA

Frozen seafood packaging design for Fazenda Marinha

Fazenda Marinha Atlântico Sul is the biggest producer of mussels in Brazil.

The challenge of creating a seafood packaging design for Fazenda Marinha was to win over consumers from locations without any seafood production. To accomplish that, we decided to provide a memorable customer experience. We produced images of their products in appetizing dishes with a seaside view in the background. Images that would evoke relaxing experiences of a pleasurable meal beside the ocean. To match this ambience, we used images of ropes and wooden boards which are typically used on Brazilian beach signposts as support for the information.

We designed a special tray for the “au gratin” oysters and mussels, which allows products to be taken directly from the freezer to a conventional oven or microwave. The purpose is to make oyster preparation more practical, thereby facilitating consumption.

Structural details that add convenience and value for consumers are genuine consumer retention strategies. Aside from the packaging design for seafood, we also developed the product catalog and a campaign for points of sale.

design de Caixas para frutos do mar FAZENDA MARINHA
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