Design de embalagem para Tomates Duo

Innovative package design for fruits: Tomates Duo

The challenge  in creating this innovative package design was very interesting. Comprised of two types of tomatoes sold in the same package, we had to surprise consumer with an unusual, joyful and communicative design.

The solution was to develop a cardboard tray printed with a funny and irreverent communication. We created the brand name Tomates Duo and the slogan ” Together and Mixed”.

The little tomatoes are part of the logotype in a playful and funny way allied to a pleasant typography. The result was very captivating and the product was perfectly protected.

This innovative package design is formed by a cardboard tray protected by a tranparent flexible perforated plastic and packed by a flow-pack equipment. This package is good to pack small fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, cherries and jaboticabas. Also for mini vegetables: cucumbers, onions and carrots.

The difference between plastic trays and the one we designed is that it is  compostable, degrading faster and diminishing impact on environment.

Design de embalagem para Tomates Duo
Design de embalagem para Tomates Duo
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