design de embalagem para esfihas

Packaging design for frozen Esfihas Dozza

Dozza is a traditional Armenian restaurant chain in São Paulo, Brazil.  Esfihas are small meat filled dumplings. Those who have had the opportunity to taste Dozza’s esfihas recognize their superior quality, high standards and traditional Armenian quality ingredients. Four flavors compose the line of products: ground beef (open and closed esfihas), spinach, cheese and basterma, a traditional Aarmenian spicy meat.

We were asked to develop their new packaging design for frozen esfihas. The creative process consisted of a slight brand redesign, product photography and packaging design, as well as the catalogue. We opted for a clean, sophisticated, elegant and minimalist design, with sober tones, emitting a sense of freshness and flavor.

To relay Armenian cultural values in the packages, typical Armenian aesthetic elements were brought as support for visual identity, combined with pictures of the delicious products. The redesign gave the brand a better visual reading and impact. The packaging consists of a cardboard box, containing the frozen esfihas, placed inside a vacuum-sealed plastic bag.

The packaging design turned out to be a huge success and the final product went beyond expectations, increasing sales to the point that the owners are expanding the business to sell not only in their own restaurants, but also in grocery stores across the city.

design de embalagens para esfihas
design de embalagens para esfihas abertas
design de caixa para esfihas
design de caixa para sfihas
design caixa para congelados
design de caixa para esfihas
design de caixa para esfihas
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