criação logotipo snacks Corujinhas Puffs

Packaging design for snacks Corujinha Puffs

The Corujinhas Puffs snacks line is aimed at young children. Natural flavours of fruits and vegetables are healthier and contribute to better nutritional education.  The snacks for kids are made without artificial colorings, flavours or preservatives. In addition, no salt or sugar are added.

The packaging design for snacks for young consumers we considered the important values we wanted to transmit: protection, safety, modernity and affection. As a result, mothers receive the message in a clear way throughout the entire set of products, package design and display layouts on points of sale. To win the little consumers over, cute shapes for the snacks were created featuring a beautiful illustration of a mother owl, the character of the brand.

As small children eat smaller quantities, we opted for using a stand-up pouch for the snacks. Stand-up pouches can be produced in lower volume runs as compared to conventional flexible packages. There is no need for an automated flow-pack equipment. It is possible to manually pack small quantities, ideal for a single serving. The packages also have a zip-top, in order to facilitate opening and closing.

On points of sale, stand-up pouches are perfect for the visibility on shelves. Information on the front and back were carefully projected to transmit all the characteristics of the snacks.

Design embalagens snacks
Design embalagens salgadinhos crianças
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design embalagem salgadinhos infantis
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