design de embalagem para tomates Sweet Grape

Packaging Design for Tomatoes Sweet Grape

Packaging design for tomatoes, advertising campaign and visual identity for Sweet Grape.

The sales leader in Brazil, Sweet Grape tomatoes are  genuine grape tomatoes. Sweet Grape is the brand for the juiciest and sweetest tomatoes in their market segment. It’s also a product with higher added value, as it’s produced in a controlled environment. This requires a minimal use of pesticides, thereby producing healthier tomatoes.

Grape tomatoes have an elongated shape and sweet taste. The PET package was created in the form of grape bunches, resulting in a strong brand identity and easy recognition for consumers. We considered creating the grape bunch form as the best strategy for enhancing the distinctive characteristics of these unusual tomatoes.

The project encompassed the creation of the PET package and graphics, a campaign for points of sale, a training video for sales promoters, as well as a website. Packages can be mounted in display cases for greater visibility in points of sale, thereby stimulating impulse purchasing.

The Sweet Grape label and packaging are trade marks of Sakata Seeds company.

Branding for tomatoe brand
Packaging design for tomatoes
Campanha para ponto de venda para tomates Sweet Grape
Packaging project for tomatoes
Caixa display
Campanha de comunicação em frota
Caixa display para tomates turma da Mônica
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