Design de embalagens arroz celia

Rice packaging design, branding and campaign for Celia.

Celia is a rice brazilian brand. Amongst their products, they have several types of rice, including a pets rices line (Arroz Cão Brasil). Our biggest challenge was to find a brand positioning in the already crowded brazilian rice market. The proposal was to bring back the brand’s image using a new visual language. The Celia character was created to bring back the care and attention to nutrition. Each product received a color and a singular background pattern. These patterns are associated with colonial tiles, used back in kitchens those days. Another important element is the wooden spoon, bringing the  memories from our childhood and our comfort homes.

The new packaging comes with a modern layout with a top window, for a better rice view. For the campaign we created the “Simple moments, magical moments” slogan, taking back in time to those family reunions, grandma’s dinner and when we used to help our mom cooking as kids. This message brings the consumer closer to the brand. The new strategic position allowed the company to go beyond the competition.

Campanha Momentos Simples Momentos Mágicos Arroz Célia
design de Embalagens Arroz Célia
design de Catálogo de produtos e wobbler
design de Catálogo de produtos e materiais de campanha
redesign de logotipo Arroz Célia antes e depois
design de aplicações da marca