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Snacks and popcorn package design for Bilu

We were hired to develop the snacks and popcorn package design for Pipoca Bilu, the sales leader in the snack segment in South Brazil.

Bilu Popcorn and  all of the brand’s other snack lines needed to undergo revitalization and standardization. Their packages have always had at magenta color, at certain character and typography as defining features. We could not ignore this visual heritage that has been established since 1978. In fact, Bilu Popcorn is part of many people’s childhood. This creates a very strong emotional bond. However, new generations didn’t have those connections.  The brand needed to modernize itself to gain competitiveness, without losing its unique identity. So, we decided to keep the original elements and colors. In this way, we began our delightful journey creating package design for Bilu’s popcorn and snacks.

First we carried out market research and an evaluation of direct and indirect competitors. To understand the signs used in competitor packages helps to better direct the product to targeted consumers. It is important to realize that each public has its own visual repertoire. This is how we ascertained which patterns the packages should adopt. Always taking care of their identifying characteristics.  All popcorn packages from all the other flavours of the popcorn line followed the same design as the original package. As a result, the brand image grew stronger, standardized and with a distinct visual appeal.

The lines of Biluzito’s fried wheat snacks and  Bilu Top’s baked corn snacks went through similar improvement processes; always aiming at standardization, modernization and an increase in visibility in points of sale.

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