Design de Caixas para Software INTERICAD

Software package design and website for Intericad

Intericad is an interior design software that enables both professionals and laymen to quickly create photo realistic virtual environments.

Our challenge was to deliver a design solution for a highly technological product, aimed at a very heterogeneous public.

The software line is composed of three products: Intericad lite, KD Max and T5. They were meant to be used in an intuitive, simple and easy manner, through ever evolving high technology.

For the software package design, we used the same structural design for the products and changed the visual communication for each products’ surrounding band.

We opted for a high relief finish, matte lamination and spot UV varnish to enhance the overall design. The package also accommodates manuals, CDs, 3D goggles and pendrives.

Software design box Intericad
Software design box Intericad
Webdesign Intericad interiors design software
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