Identidade visual para refrigerantes

Visual Identity for soft drinks Budken Switzerland

The Swiss company run by Brazilians commissioned us the second project after the successful creation and launch of the Budken beer line. The visual identity for the Budken soft drinks with typical Brazilian flavors: Guaraná, Mate and Grape.

The challenge was to create a strong identity with tropical appeal and fun that transmits the strength of Brazilian fauna and flora. Just as for the creation of the beer labels, the labels with transparent labels required good integration with the silver background of the cans. For this reason we left some areas unprinted.

The solution was to create illustrations with tropical foliage and animals such as the toucan, the sloth and the golden lion tamarin. With flat and naif style, the idea of the illustrations is to delight the Swiss public with products that have a colorful, joyful, and fun identity.

The visual identity for Budken soft drinks allowed the company to reach new markets and increase its sales.



Identidade visual para refrigerantes
Identidade visual para refrigerantes
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