Design estrutural de embalagem

Water bottle industrial design for Bonafont Danone

Bonafont Kids with juice, is a line of flavoured waters from Danone for the Mexican market. It is especially produced for the children segment.

In Brazil, Bonafont sells plain mineral water using the same bottle pattern used for flavoured water in Mexico.  With this in mind, we developed a bottle for the kids segment adhering to the already established Bonafont line. The project maintains the identity of Danone’s mineral water line and maximizes the visual appeal for kids. Enhanced by spiraling figures, funny and attractive, the bottle is also beautiful and safe. Textures on the bottle highlight bright spots giving the beverage a special appeal.

Sport bottle caps  ensure safety while drinking. Industrial designer Joe Wallace from O3 Design explains, “We created a water bottle industrial design that is very comfortable in children’ s hands and has a rounded format, resembling  kids classic toys. We were looking for a playful concept, that would result in an adequate product aimed at children. Therefore, we transformed the bottle into a little character,  keeping the identity of Bonafont’s products. The labels for the bottles were developed by designer Oscar de la Cruz, from our partner studio in Mexico.

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Garrafas bonfont kids con jugo
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