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Packaging structural design Shape or industrial design

Making a product truly stand out

When time comes to choose a type of package for a product the first step that should be taken by the marketing team of a company is to define the typology of the package. The typology determines what type of package will be most suitable for packaging a product, for example, a glass bottle, a PET bottle, a flexible pouch, a sheet of paper, a can, carton, etc. At this point the structural design of the package is inevitable.

What is the best solution?

This will depend on many factors. According to research done by Perception Research Services, what causes an impact on consumers about product package is mainly the color of the package followed by the form or shape of the package. The style of the brand or product is the third most relevant in the consumer's mind.

When we define the structural design of a product package we are defying its form (or shape of the package), which comes in second place when it comes to the consumers mind. Think about Coca Cola, Nesquick, Tide or Chanel N°5 Perfume and realize how images of the packaging of each product came to your mind before any other elements.

Is it possible to manufacture a product package from any shape that comes to mind just to cause an impact on the consumer's mind?

To answer this question we need to know the following aspects in depth: First we need to consider the product that is going to be packaged. What it is, what characteristics it has, what amount we want to sell per package, what are the norms and regulations that must be respected, among others.

Is it food, a beverage ou a gel cosmetic? is it powder, an electronic product, a medical product or a toy? Getting to know the product is the first step to define excellent structural packaging design solutions .

Secondly we have to think about the consumer. To whom the product is directed? What is the product target? Consumer age group, is it a product for children that parents will decide on buying? Is it a product for senior citizens, form men or women?etc. What emotional appeals should we convey in the packaging? What kind of ergonomic details will be needed?

In third place, we must know the packaging process of the product, since available equipment can restrict us in choosing dimensions for the package or other important characteristics at the time of designing. For example, if the chosen package is a bottle that will need to run through an assembly line to be packaged, we have to consider things like, will the bottles be supported by mats or held by the bottleneck? The shape of these bottles will have to be adapted in onder to fit into the devices.

Other important factors are the amount of monthly sales estimated and its estimated price.These two variables are directly related, since in many situations the increase in production of packaging decreases its unit cost. There are also initial fixed costs, such as matrices, knives, cliches, etc., which must be diluted among the total of the packages that will be produced.

In addition to these factors, it is also important to think about sustainability, that is to choose greener solutions to reduce environmental impact of our product.

In this way we will be able to define the best solutions for each type of packaging, as well as design additional functionalities related to opening, closing and handling.

By knowing and mastering all these aspects we can achieve more. Creating innovative details that transform the packaging into a functional product after its primary use. We can, for example, create a package that can transform it into a toy, a jewelry case , or any other usable object.

The appropriate use of structural package design is a powerful tool to project successful product packages. Packages that have been created properly using creativity will protect and preserve the product, in addition to allowing it to be transported correctly..

The advantages don't end just yet. A good product package reflects a positive relationship with the consumer due to the ease of opening and closing the product.

Due to all these reasons we must be very critical when it comes to the shape the final product will have because it's exactly that shape that will be recorded into consumer's minds.

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