What does a packaging design agency do?

What does a packaging design agency do?

Many people wonder: after all, what does a packaging design agency like O3 Design do? First of all, it is crucial to say that the packaging design results we provide for each customer involve a safe and effective methodology. Safe because we follow every step of the design process, from designing the ideas to the production of packaging, ensuring that the promised quality is not lost through the procedures. And effective because we understand the needs of each project from the beginning, so our work revolves around what really matters: branding solutions and efficient design for companies.

 Methodology of our Packaging Design Agency


In order to show O3 Designs creation process, we created a chart that includes the steps we take to ensure the success of a product being developed by us.

Stage 1 – Analysis and research: At this moment we set up the project briefing. Fundamental to understand the product, the needs, the market and what solutions should be thought. It is at this stage that we know the attributes of the product and the brand through the collection of relevant information through different types of research that the customer already has or that we do.

Stage 2 – Generating alternatives: In this stage we start working on the design itself. With the information gained in the first stage, we started the creative process of packaging design. We design solutions, study and analyze the concept, structure, materials and production costs. We created alternatives and presented them to the client, who validates them so we can continue working on the design.

Stage 3 – Consolidation: The approved alternative is now refined and improved. At this point you can run tests, modeling and visualization renderings or mockups.

Stage 4 – Application: Now that we have the whole project structured, it’s time to bring the packaging to life: finalize aesthetic details, create prototypes and run structural tests. The customer must approve the end result so we can move on to the final stage.

Stage 5 – Finishing: Once the packaging design process is complete, the designers will now finalize the files with the corresponding specifications, like branding application manual and / or guides for use and technical details of the product, releasing those documents for production.

Stage 6 – Production Monitoring: In this final stage, packaging begins to be produced. It is very important that at this stage, O3 Design closely monitors production, as we guarantee the efficiency and quality of the results defined at the beginning of the project.

Good brand management when put together with efficient packaging design, adds value and ensures the success of a product. We work with innovative and strategic solutions, learn more about the methodology of our packaging design agency here.